Weird and wonderful food from around the world – Cuy

Continuing our weird food series here is our latest treat for you all, or maybe not!

Cuy, also known as guinea pigs, that’s right you heard correctly. The cute and furry animal we often keep as pets is a local delicacy in Peru! From high end restaurants to street carts selling guinea pigs on sticks, this animal sure is popular as a snack food– Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million guinea pigs each year!

Would you try it? Please leave us a comment below

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Weird and wonderful food from around the world – Fried Tarantula

Continuing our weird food series here is our latest treat for you all, or maybe not!

These eight legged, crispy spiders are a tasty treat in Cambodia, with hundreds of deep fried spiders being sold as snacks. The tarantulas are fried whole – legs, fangs, eyes and all. The black arachnids are found locally in the nearby jungle and only cost a few cents to buy.

Is it something you would try or have tried?

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Weird and wonderful food from around the world – Scorpian Suckers

We all have a sweet tooth don’t we. But would you suck on this lollypop!

They have been around for years as novelty gifts, but these insect lollipops are actually eaten in southwest America and Mexico.

Once you’ve eaten the lollipop around the insect, the scorpian can then be eaten. Is this something you would try? Please leave a comment below. Better still why not share it with your friends and get their opinion.

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Video blog of the week: Fastest chicken serving guy in Ilford….

We thought we would share this video with you.  This guy is the fastest serving chicken guy in Ilford according to this video.  Look at the skill and finesse he uses to serve the chicken and the drinks to the customer.

Anyone seen this guy in Ilford and do you know which shop it is, we would love to know. Please do leave a comment below. Don’t forget enter code Y4SOCIAL10 at checkout and get 10% off your next takeaway from any of the Y4Food participating takeaways.

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Just an illusion….

Here is another new feature where we thought we would feature some of the world’s greatest illusions.  What do you think of this illusion.

Just an illusion Competition

Today we thought we would make the competition a little different and thought thinking.

The picture below is an illusion.  Hidden in the words is a face. Tell us where the face is and you get a £1 discount code on your next order from us.  Competition closes midnight tonight.  Please comment on the blog if you see the face and enter your email so we can email the code to you.  First 500 who comment will get £1 code emailed.

Good luck!


Cool Kitchen Gadgets.

This post will all be about the coolest kitchen gadgets that we can find. some might be hits while others may definitely be misses. We have picked some of our favourites so hope you enjoy the list we have come up with.  So, lets crack on with the coolest kitchen gadgets everyone must own or maybe not

Knife thrower knife block

This wooden knife block comes with 5 stainless steel razor sharp knives and each one is held safe in separate magnetic sheathes. That’s not all! The wooden board even rotates just to bring the circus-cum-ringmaster mood! 

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Takeaway food glossary


Welcome to our Y4Food glossary of food terms. We all love a good takeaway be it Chinese, Indian, Italian or Thai. However, do you know what ‘amchoor’ is or what ‘korma’ means. Perhaps you want to try a ‘Szechuan’ dish but are not sure what it is. Don’t worry our glossary is an easy to understand glossary which should help you find out just what everything means.  If you would like to see something included into the glossary, please do leave a comment below.


# – @ | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


This is the name given to a potato. Potatoes are used in a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes

A Thai dish which is a mixture of vegetables or meats topped with sauce.

A mixture of pickles used as an accompaniment to Indian curry dishes

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Translated this means bucket. It is used to describe British Indian curries.

You will see the term ‘bhuna curry’ on an Indian takeaway menu. Bhuna actually refers to stir fried dishes.

These are deep fried balls of onion and batter made form gram flour which is derived from chana dhal. The name can be a little confusing because restaurants use the term “bhaji” both for the deep fried onion sort and for various dishes e.g. bhindi bhaji, brinjal bhaji, which are vegetables cooked in a little curry sauce.

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