Organic Food hits the British Festival

With last weeks publication of a study commissioned by the Food Standards Agency that states that organic food is no better for you than “ordinary” food…

…whole Foods losses of £36 million, and now the BBC’s decision not to include organic food in their newest cooking show, does this mean the end for ‘going organic’?

The study, however, doesn’t take into account that organic food is kinder to the environment, with strict rules as to what defines ‘organic’; animals are kept 100% free-range, and chemical fertilisers are prohibited.

Organic food may have been shown to have no nutritional benefits, but does it taste better than non-organic food?

The Soil Association is giving you the chance to try for yourself. Between the 5th and the 20th September, it’s hosting Organic Fortnight, with the Organic Food Festival taking place at Bristol Harbourside on the 12th and 13th of September.

Organic Food Festival

Now in it’s ninth year, Bristol’s festival is the largest organic festival in Europe, with 2008 boasting features from 212 food-related contributors.

This year is set to be even bigger, and with entry at just £5, well worth a visit – even just to test out the FSA’s findings!


12 Aug 09 | Terri-Jane Dow | Try Y4Food | find local online takeaway

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