Takeaway Indian? Find local CurriesOnline…

Nationwide takeaway food finding service Y4Food have teamed up with CurriesOnline to provide a way to search the network of CurriesOnline supported Restaurants and Takeaways in your local area.
MMmm Curry
The service provided by Y4Food.co.uk is the brainchild of Indian Food Fanatic and Hampshire-based entrepreneur, Justin Eames.
Why Four? Because Y4 is the common reference for the receptor in humans, that mediates the regulation of food intake and appetite. Hence “Y4Food” or “Satisfy your Appetite for Food” in an abstract sense.
Justin says, “The most frustrating part of ordering online is trying to find a takeaway restaurant that serves your local area. We have just set up a service that finds your local takeaway restaurant and links through to the right page on the online order sites ready to place your order”
“We have been building a strong partnership with CurriesOnline since our conception. Shamin and his team have always been very happy to promote their niche market alongside other online food order portals”
“Following the latest rounds of agreements, we can now be certain that our users will always see Indian food at the head of our search results.”
Customers are able to search local restaurants, pass through seamlessly to the CurriesOnline site, and select food from the online menus to order for collection or home delivery. 
The system does not require registration, and there are many additional functions being planned for the site, such as being able to write reviews and rate restaurants on quality, service and value. 
Meals ordered using an online service cost no more than they would directly from the restaurants and simplifies the process of finding, ordering and paying for takeaway food.
CurriesOnline’s custom search page within Y4Food | find local takeaway… is available HERE

11 Aug 09 | Try Y4Food | find local online takeaway


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