Win £10 Amazon voucher by becoming the Y4Food Top Fan of the month

y4FoodWe have just implemented the Top Fans application onto our page. Each month we will award a £10 Amazon voucher to the fan who is at position one for that month.

We have no control how the winner is chosen so we thought we would explain in detail what the application is and how it works. Based on user participation people are awarded points for likes, comments and posts.

How does the point system work?

Posts, comments and likes are all worth 1 point each. But don’t just try to create the most posts and comments. Your score is weighted by the quality of your participation. Higher quality activity (on topic and engages with the community) will earn extra points. Lower quality activity (off topic and spam) will earn less points. And consistent activity over time is more valuable than repeatedly performing the same action, such as clicking the Like button on every post.

How many points did I just earn?

When you post or comment or Like while on Booshaka, we’ll let you know right away how many points you earned. But keep in mind that those points will keep growing if the community rallies around you! On the other hand, if your activities are repetitive or off topic, then they’ll be worth less overall.

Do I get points for posting directly to the Facebook page?

Of course! Although your score won’t be updated until the next day.

How often do you calculate the rankings?

The rankings for each page are calculated once a day. The rankings reset at the end of each month. So you can always climb to the top!

So what are you waiting for. Start becoming an active member on our Facebook page and you could be the one who wins a £10 Amazon voucher. Remember every month  we will be giving one of these away to the top fan.

Please note: Top fans aims to be fair so we feel that everyone should have a chance of winning the £10 Amazon voucher. Therefore we have decided if you have won once and are top fan for the next month we will offer it to the fan in second place. This will prevent the same person winning every month.

Please feel free to comment on this post and share amongst your friends!

Don’t forget  to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our feed, and of course order takeaway online through Y4Food!


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