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Video Blog of the week: £1 fish very, very cheap, six for £5

Londons-£1-fish-manThis is a new feature of the Y4Food blog.  Each week we will be haring the most intersting and hilarious videos that we can find relating to food.  Here is the first share of the week.

This is hilarious we thought we would share it with you. “£1 fish very, very cheap, six for £5, £1 fish, come on ladies £1 fish”…… have got to see this guy in action and then tell us you don’t want a £1 fish!

Please leave a comment if you found this video funny. Please feel free to share it too.  already, this man has become an internet sensation with 1 million views.  Why not subscribe to our feed to keep up to date and like us on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter


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